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Commercial Services

Commercial Services

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We believe in the 3-core processes.

Construction – Provide and execute the most efficient process of coordinated trades to deliver a high quality, finished built environment. Provide a framework for communication that all involved persons can use and understand. Provide documentation that is easily understood and promotes accountability for all.

Pre-Construction – Schedule development, creating and/or validating a budget, value engineering. 

Design – Create a design that meets all the client’s environmental needs. We provide preliminary designs that allow enough information to accurately price a project and achieve the clients projected design outcome.

Commercial Gallery

DMI – Distinctive Meeting, Inc.

DMI is a Virtual Solutions and Live Event Production business. The core business is centered around a video production and green room space requiring a large warehouse type of space. The support spaces surround central gathering core of a light well that offers natural light to the commercial space. The office / production buildout was about 15,000 SF within a larger warehouse space taking three months to build. This production space has maximum flexibility for configuring the working production studio. The buildout includes future considerations for expanding office onto other areas including a mezzanine.

Brookside Dental – Historic MOB TI

Brookside Detail is a local neighborhood dental practice with deep roots in the community. This is reflected in their desire to move into a neighborhood historic building. The historic building presented much charm along with some technical challenges of retrofitting an old building with technical aspects of a medical office. The result is a modern medical facility in the character and comfort of a historic neighborhood structure.

Houndstooth – Men’s Apparel and Taylor

Hawthorn Projects worked with the owner of Houndstooth to design and build two retail locations in the metro KC area. Houndstooth provides a distinct selection of current men’s fashion with a nod to timeless taste and style. The first location is in the River Market and a second larger location in Leawood. The design is derived from creating an environment conducive to men’s shopping habits and agenda. The buildout and design process took approximately 5 months.

F45 Training

F45 is one of the fastest growing national high-intensity functional group fitness francizes. F45 has significant public awareness because of its partial celebrity ownership. Hawthorn Projects is working with the local francizes to build out a series of locations in the Kansas City market in the coming years, with the first three locations currently or almost completed. The locations are typically in Retail environments varying in size from 2k SF to 3.5K SF depending on the location and available real estate. The build-out is based on a standardized model molded to each unique location. The standardized design is driven by the workout routines and program, ‘form follows function’.

QISG – Quanta Infrastructure Solutions Group

Hawthorn Projects led the design-build team to build out in three phases an entire floor plate of a prominent Overland Park office building. Quanta (QISG) is an infrastructure engineering and planning group. As the real estate became available Hawthorn Projects worked with the Tenant and design team to freshen up 30K SF of office space adding multiple amenities and a mix of traditional office and open office concepts in contemporary and appealing work environment.

Mi Hacienda – Mexican Restaurant

Hawthorn Projects worked with HIVE Design Collaborative and The Client to provide significant site improvements and a complete exterior facelift to freshen up an already vibrant restaurant festive restaurant. The site includes new approach hardscapes and fenced-in patios. The exterior improvements included a complete removal and replacement of exterior finishes resulting in a new vibrant modern aesthetic. All work was done in consideration to keep restaurant open during construction minimizing any operational deficiencies for the tenant. 

Sunnybrook Dental – Office Addition & Remodel

Sunnybrook Dental is a highly regarded Johnson County Dentist. Hawthorn projects worked with Gronenberg Architect to build two additions and related interior renovations to increase the services the dentist wanted to accomplish as part of their practices. The key was that both additions and interior renovations only required the dental business to pause operations by one week. The construction process was complex due to continued operations while providing the clean environment and complexities of a medical build-out. The entire team was a pleasure to work with on a very successful project.

Splintek Industrial / Office Expansion

Splintek LLC is an innovative manufacturing and engineering business that designs, engineers and manufactures small medical devices in one facility. Hawthorn Projects built their significant phase one build-out several years prior. There unique all inclusive vertically integrated process of innovation to manufacturing presented a challenge to our design and build such that the client remained operational during construction or the 30K SF addition. The client’s involvement was a critically important part of the design-build team efforts because of their knowledge of the entire process that allowed our team to build best to their needs.